Here, we will explore numerous examples, elucidating the principles and techniques to effectively design and implement Account contracts.

Before delving into the examples, we would like to issue a disclaimer: the contracts discussed in this chapter are for illustrative and educational purposes, and they have not undergone formal auditing. This signifies that, while we strive to provide accurate and informative content, the implementation of these contracts in a live environment should be approached with due diligence. We encourage users to thoroughly test and validate these contracts before their deployment on the mainnet.

The goal of this chapter is not only to furnish a library of contract examples but also to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among the Starknet community. We believe that the exchange of ideas and constructive feedback is instrumental in advancing our collective understanding and expertise.

If you’ve developed or come across an innovative contract that could serve as a valuable learning resource for others, we invite you to contribute. Here are a few guidelines for your contribution:

  1. Open a PR: To submit a contract example or suggest changes to existing ones, simply open a Pull Request. Ensure that your PR contains a thorough explanation of the contract, its use cases, and its functionality.

  2. Code Standards: Please ensure that the submitted code is well-documented and adheres to the standard code conventions of Starknet. This will facilitate the review process and enhance the readability and comprehensibility of the contract.

  3. Detailed Explanation: Accompany your code with a detailed explanation of the contract logic. Wherever possible, use diagrams, flowcharts, or pseudocode to illustrate complex mechanisms or workflows.

As we expand this repertoire of contract examples, we hope to equip the Starknet community with a robust toolset and inspire further exploration and innovation in the realm of custom account contracts.