This chapter walks you through setting up your Starknet development tools.

Essential tools to install:

  1. Starkli - A CLI tool for interacting with Starknet. More tools are discussed in Chapter 2.

  2. Scarb - Cairo’s package manager that compiles code to Sierra, a mid-level language between Cairo and CASM.

  3. Katana - Katana is a Starknet node, built for local development.

For support or queries, visit our GitHub Issues or contact espejelomar on Telegram.

Starkli Installation

Easily install Starkli using Starkliup, an installer invoked through the command line.

curl | sh

Restart your terminal and confirm installation:

starkli --version

To upgrade Starkli, simply repeat the steps.

Scarb Package Manager Installation

Scarb is also Cairo's package manager and is heavily inspired by Cargo, Rust’s build system and package manager.

Scarb handles a lot of tasks for you, such as building your code (either pure Cairo or Starknet contracts), downloading the libraries your code depends on, building those libraries.


Scarb requires a Git executable to be available in the PATH environment variable.


To install Scarb, please refer to the installation instructions. We strongly recommend that you install Scarb via asdf, a CLI tool that can manage multiple language runtime versions on a per-project basis. This will ensure that the version of Scarb you use to work on a project always matches the one defined in the project settings, avoiding problems related to version mismatches.

Please refer to the asdf documentation to install all prerequisites.

Once you have asdf installed locally, you can download Scarb plugin with the following command:

asdf plugin add scarb

This will allow you to download specific versions:

asdf install scarb 2.5.4

and set a global version:

asdf global scarb 2.5.4

Otherwise, you can simply run the following command in your terminal, and follow the onscreen instructions. This will install the latest stable release of Scarb.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
  • In both cases, you can verify installation by running the following command in a new terminal session, it should print both Scarb and Cairo language versions, e.g:
scarb --version
scarb 2.5.4 (28dee92c8 2024-02-14)
cairo: 2.5.4 (
sierra: 1.4.0

For Windows, follow manual setup in the Scarb documentation.

Katana Node Installation

To install Katana, use the dojoup installer from the command line:

curl -L | bash

After restarting your terminal, verify the installation with:

katana --version

To upgrade Katana, rerun the installation command.

You are now set to code in Cairo and deploy to Starknet.